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Thank you for an E.P.I.C 2021!

​As we approach the end of 2021, we often take stock of the year that has just passed. We look back on the successes, look for opportunities to enhance or improve in some area, and of course we begin to look forward to a well-earned rest from our day to day work responsibilities.

We would like to thank all our Australian Cobotics Centre members, industry partners and stakeholders for their hard work, commitment and support during this year. Our unique combination of people, expertise and backgrounds is what makes us successful as a Centre.

As we head into a new year, we look forward to another E.P.I.C year, and we are excited to embrace new opportunities and collaborations.

We wish you and your families a happy holiday season!


Teresa Vidal-Calleja on ‘Let’s Talk Robotics’ podcast

Our Biomimic Cobots program co-lead, the amazing Teresa Vidal Calleja (Associate Professor at UTS Robotics Institute) featured in today’s episode of “Let’s Talk Robotics” with 🤖Nicci Rossouw.

Listen to Teresa and Nicci talk about the importance of collaborating not just with industry but across universities as well! This is how we will innovate and build capability across Australia. Our PhD researchers will work with partners for at least 12 months to understand the workplace and work with staff to help identify how cobotics can assist them with their work.

Teresa also talked about her other projects including a Cooperative Research Centres Project (CRC-P) that helps blind people to navigate with a wearable device!

Listen here

Editorial feature in AU Manufacturing’s ‘Leadership in Factory Automation’ series

The Australian Cobotics Centre features in the latest editorial series of Au Manufacturing

Au Manufacturing is the news and analysis website of the Australian Manufacturing Forum Linkedin networking group – the largest on social media. Their mission is to extend the reach and influence of the views of our 8,000 manufacturer members through curated news, commentary and analysis.

The article that was written by Centre Director, Jonathan Roberts,  highlights that “today Leadership in factory automation looks at the potential of collaborative robots as a low-cost, more flexible and safer alternative to traditional factory robots.”

Click below to read the full article titled ‘Leadership in factory automation -exploring collaborative robotics’ – Australian Manufacturing forum. 

Read the full article here

Picture of a man working alongside a cobot completing a linishing task