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Swinburne’s “Peak Human Workplace” report launched

POSTED: 31 May, 2021

In April, the Centre for the New Workforce in Swinburne launched their latest research, Peak Human Workforce report in learning and collaboration in the unprecedented era.  The report, authored by Australian Cobotics Centre Chief Investigator, Sean Gallagher, was based on a national survey of more than 1,000 Australian workers.  It seeks to determine: what forms of learning and collaboration enable innovation in Australian workplaces, especially in disruptive environments. Re innovation, think solving complex problems in ambiguous and rapidly-changing environments.

The report was launched at an event at Swinburne Studio at ACMI in Federation Square by Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Jobs The Hon. Jane Garrett and has been backed by Engineers Australia and the Committee for Melbourne.  The key insight is to reimagine work as a pathway to innovation and the main recommendation is for organisations to develop institutional capability that supports this and drives value creation. The main relevance for our Centre is the importance of creativity to the human-robot workforce for value capture, complementing productivity.

View the report here: Learning and collaboration key to unlocking innovation

About the author

Dr. Sean Gallagher is one of Australia’s leading experts on the future of work. He works with leaders to help their businesses effectively leverage their workers in the digital economy and disrupted environments. This leads to improved complex problem solving, new idea generation and enhanced grow ... more