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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Australian Cobotics Centre celebrates and welcomes diversity and recognises the benefits that it brings in the recruitment, retention, innovation, collaboration and productivity of staff and students.

Gender equity in both research careers and advanced manufacturing remains a critical issue for future capability. The Centre has a plan to address this and to increase indigenous and LGBTQI+ inclusion by:

  • Building a team that reflects the diversity of our society by actively encouraging women, LGBTQI+ and indigenous applicants to all HDR and post-doctoral fellow positions.
  • Instilling a culture of social and ethical responsibility in the staff and student cohort.
  • Creating a safe, inclusive and supportive environment that empowers people to succeed in their study or work.
  • Expecting our members to lead by example, and in line with the equity and diversity policies of their institution and this Centre.
  • Removing barriers for all staff with caregiving responsibilities to undertake field work or attend conferences.
  • Implementing appropriate flexible work arrangements and encourage participation in mentoring and training initiatives.
  • Measuring and reporting on diversity within the Centre activities.
  • Connecting with existing networks supporting women, LGBTQI+ and Indigenous people in STEMM.

You can download our full plan below.

Australian Cobotics Centre – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plan