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If you are a researcher or a potential industry partner and are interested in our work, get in contact. We would love to collaborate with you.

We are currently recruiting for PhD students and postdoctoral Research Fellows.  Visit the sections below for further information.

We welcome all collaboration interest in the Australian Cobotics Centre.  If you don’t fit one of the categories below, you may wish to join our Affiliates Group.

We invite any individuals or groups (e.g. external researchers, practitioners, industry representatives, community groups and adjuncts) with an interest in advanced manufacturing and the impact of collaborative robotics on the manufacturing industry to join our Affiliates group.

As part of this group you will have first access to the Centre’s activity program which will include face to face events, podcasts, webinars and forums with both national and international thought leaders.  Sign up here.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest for PhD projects.

The Australian Cobotics Centre provides PhD students with opportunity to do cutting edge research in industry alongside other researchers in a multidisciplinary team led by some of the world’s leading scholars.

The Centre is a collaboration between three Australian universities, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Swinburne University of Technology and University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The candidate will be enrolled at one of these universities based on their primary supervisor’s university affiliation.

There are 16 PhD topics available across a wide range of disciplines including business, design, robotic vision and more.  Each topic fits within one of our five research programs and aims to address specific industry problems working alongside one or more of our industry partners.  If you have an area of interest that you feel is relevant to the research program but not addressed in one of the topics, please do still submit an expression of interest detailing your proposed topic and supervisor of interest.

Find out more about our PhD program:

We are currently recruiting for Postdoctoral Research Fellows at all three partner universities.

The Australian Centre for Cobotics offers postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to undertake their own research and gain valuable insight into research and development operations within industry.

We are looking for five postdoctoral Research Fellows (LEVB) to work across each of our five research programs across our three Australian partner universities (Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) and University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

The positions are supported by the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Training Centre program which has been funded for up to 5 years. Initial contracts will be between 1 and 3 years with the opportunity to extend.

The role

The Postdoctoral Research Fellow will work with the Program Leaders to lead the projects within the program as well as complete their own research.  They will also assist with the supervision of postgraduate students and will be an active member of the research community within the university and across the Centre’s network.

The Centre is focused on collaboration and knowledge sharing between industry and research partners.  This role will be working closely with our industry partners and the successful applicant will also help to develop new and ongoing partnerships. This role includes considerable periods working directly at our partner organisations to help solidify the understanding of the organisation and their approach to research and development as well a business skills and experience.

The Centre offers a training program which has a strong emphasis on professional development as well as technical skills. The program includes opportunities to build your knowledge, skills, experience, and professional standards through on-the-job tasks, social learning and formal training opportunities.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Undertaking research activities and project tasks to meet the goals, timeline and deliverables of the projects.
  • Actively participating in strategic planning for the program’s research and development.
  • Maintaining complete and accurate research records, including written and verbal reports, documenting details of IP, ethics approvals, publications, media mentions and other key program metrics as required.
  • With support from the Program Leader, developing and maintaining strategic relationships and networks with a wide range of stakeholders including industry partners, partner institutions and internal QUT partners based in other faculties.
  • Liaising with collaborators and stakeholders; and generating, finalising and editing research reports, progress reports and project reports for collaborators.
  • Participating and contributing to ethical, high-quality, and innovative research through activities such as quality publications, industry and end-user presentations, or conference presentations.
  • Leading and participating in high-performing multidisciplinary teams and assisting with the supervision of research students both undergraduate and postgraduate.
  • Partaking in and encouraging HDRs to take part in the Centre’s professional development program.
  • Reading academic papers, journals and textbooks to keep abreast of developments in own specialism and related disciplines.
  • Implementing and administering University policy within the Faculty with respect to equitable access to education and workplace health and safety.

Training and development

Each postdoc contract will include an industry placement to be completed over the 5 year lifetime of the Centre.  The length of the placement will be agreed by the postdoc, supervisor and industry partner.

Industry placement are significant as they allow researchers to contextualise and focus their research further so that they can find solutions for the key challenges from industry.

Researchers will also be offered a personalised training program that includes:

  • an industry mentor program
  • practical experience of governance within an ARC funded Centre, co-supervision of PhD candidates and exposure to managing external stakeholders
  • training and development program that includes face to face modules, self paced learning and practical opportunities to apply the learnings from these courses

“We are quite delighted to have the opportunity to be working with the Australian Cobotics Centre so that we can marry the work of the robotics with the knowledge of our people.”

Chris Bridges-Taylor
Director of B & R Enclosures

The centre offers great benefits to our industry partners:

  • Access to full range of research projects, outcomes from research including IP that can be used within your field.
  • Flexible and adaptive approach to research and its application to mirror the needs of your business.
  • Access to international and national experts in the field, free of charge.
  • Collaboration with other companies who have similar challenges and the opportunity to work together to learn and grow and adapt to those challenges.

We are interested in hearing from industry partners who are in different fields to our current partners and can offer a different perspective and experience to the centre.

Contact us today to discuss potential involvement.

We also welcome visitors of many different types to our institutions and invite you to contact us if you are interested:

  • short term visitors from researchers in our fields – come and see what we do
  • longer term visitors, for example sabbatical visits – come and work with us
  • industry placements in academia – join us in our labs to learn the latest in robotics and interaction design

We want all visitors to participate actively in the Centre, including attending seminars and social activities, and ask you to give at least one seminar or workshop during your stay.

We’d love to hear from you if you:

  • have an excellent research track record relative to your career opportunities
  • plan to undertake a clearly defined research project that is closely aligned with our priorities, programs and projects
  • are based in a research organisation that is well-aligned with our Centre or with whom we have an established relationship
  • know which researchers you want to work closely with and why

If this sounds like you, please get in touch.