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PhD Research Topics

We have a number of PhD research topics available for scholarships. If you are interested in applying, please submit an expression of interest.  These projects give the student access to national networking activities and training, travel funds and industry collaboration. The student will join a team at the home university that includes multiple academics and students as well as the wider Centre team across the three Australian partner universities

There are five research programs and 3-4 research topics within each. Click the project name for further details.

ProgramProject NameEnrolled institutionLead SupervisorLead Partner org
1 – Biomimic Cobots1.1 - Cobot contact tasks through multi-sensory deep learningQueensland University of Technology Peter CorkeInfraBuild
Scholarship filled - 1.2 - Cobots learning by demonstrationSwinburne University of Technology Mats Isaksson Weld Australia
1.3 - Cobots manipulation with augmented mobilityUniversity of Technology SydneyTeresa Vidal-CallejaWeld Australia
2 – Human-Robot-Interaction2.1 - Robotic Intention visualisationQueensland University of TechnologyMarkus RittenbruchCook Medical
2.2 - Human Robotic Interaction prototyping toolkitQueensland University of TechnologyJared DonovanCook Medical
2.3 - Multi-modal HRCUniversity of Technology SydneyMarc CarmichaelCook Medical
3 – Designing Socio-technical Robotic Systems3.1 - Human Factors in collaborative roboticsQueensland University of TechnologyGlenda CaldwellInfraBuild
3.2 - Design Factors: Integrated design of collaborative robots, product & manufacturing environmentUniversity of Technology SydneyMatthias GuertlerTBC
3.3 - Augmented and virtual reality in collaborative roboticsQueensland University of TechnologyGlenda CaldwellB & R Enclosures
4 – Quality Assurance and ComplianceProject 4.1: Development and Specification of Collaborative Robotic Process Automation LifecycleSwinburne University of TechnologyMichelle DunnIR4
Scholarship filled - Project 4.2: Digital Twins for the development, optimisation and process specification of human robot collaboration scenariosSwinburne University of TechnologyMichelle DunnInfraBuild
Project 4.3: Monitoring and automated documentation of outcomes of collaborative robot activityUniversity of Technology SydneyLee ClemonTBC
Project 4.4: Data analytics and process validation of collaborative robots and automated processesUniversity of Technology SydneyLee ClemonCook Medical
5 – Human-Robot WorkforceProject 5.1: Future Skills and Training NeedsQueensland University of TechnologyPaula McDonaldTBC
Scholarship filled - Project 5.2: Manufacturing Jobs of the FutureQueensland University of TechnologyGreg HearnTBC
Project 5.3: Managing for workplace readinessQueensland University of TechnologyPenny WilliamsTBC

Image of Engineers showing robotic arm to researchers