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Project 5.5: Collaborative Robots and Humans’ Work: Human attitudes and potential for motivation

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The Phd Project will conduct research in human-robots collaboration, in particular in the design of collaborative  robots to improve the motivating potential of work for humans and the transformative potential of artificial  intelligence and connective technology.

The use of collaborative robots has the potential to affect the human’s experience of work in both positive and negative ways.  In addition, the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and connective technology is only realised when organisational functions and processes are adapted to reflect these new ways of working. There is a need to study these potential outcomes in depth to ensure their realisation.

The project will be part of the CSIRO’s Collaborative Intelligence (CINTEL) Future Science Platform that will develop the science that enables human intelligence and technology to work together across multiple domains, driving sustainable productivity growth and improving both the quantity and quality of jobs for human workers. The project will develop tools, methodologies and processes required to integrate artificial and human intelligence and produce appropriate workflows and designs which could have a transformative impact across a wide range of industries and domains. The research will provide a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of the workforce uplift that is required to realise the transformative potential of collaborative intelligence and robots.

The student will be based at both QUT and CSIRO and will be part of the Australian Cobotics Centre.

Associated Researchers

Jonathan Roberts

Centre Director
Queensland University of Technology
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Greg Hearn

Research Program Co-lead (Human-Robot Workforce program)
Queensland University of Technology
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Melinda Laundon

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Human-Robot Workforce Program)
Queensland University of Technology
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