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Project 1.3: Cobots manipulation with augmented mobility

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Cobots Manipulation with Augmented Mobility

Complex manipulation tasks in unstructured, dynamic, large and often outdoor environments require robots that can be mobile. This project will work towards enabling human-robot interaction with mobile collaborative robots equipped with multiple on-board sensors. The project will address together the multi-sensory robotic perception, navigation and situational awareness problems of the mobile base, and will develop a framework to achieve collaborative tasks with the operators and the cobot actions while moving.

The project will exploit existing biomechanical models in conjunction with data-driven learning algorithms to optimise the interaction through robotic perception. This project has the potential to facilitate welding in unconstrained environments and complex loading or assembly tasks. A testbed for an industrial application will be developed to validate the research outcomes and multiple mobile manipulators will be available for this project.

Project Update – May 2023

  • Conducted a thorough literature survey to find the challenges and gaps in literature.
  • Designed a simulated experiment for a learning from demonstration approach with probabilistic modelling and deep reinforcement learning.
  • Conducting experiments with the learning framework to improve upon the demonstrated trajectories.

A Pybullet simulation of the demonstration:

Sampled trajectory after using a probabilistic model:

Research activities

This research project may involve the following activities:

  • Context studies to establish candidate frameworks for collaborative human-cobot mobile manipulation
  • Development of sensing, perception and navigation methods for mobile manipulators interacting with humans
  • Deployment and evaluation of the collaborative human-cobot mobile manipulation framework in a welding or assembly task


Upon completing this research, we expect to develop:

  • New theory and methods for mobile manipulators interacting with humans
  • Efficient sensing, perception, and navigation methods
  • A framework for collaborative mobile manipulation

Associated Researchers

Teresa Vidal-Calleja

Research Program Co-lead (Biomimic Cobots program)
University of Technology Sydney
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Marc Carmichael

Chief Investigator
University of Technology Sydney
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Fouad Sukkar

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Biomimic Cobots Program)
University of Technology Sydney
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Robert Fitch

Chief Investigator
University of Technology Sydney
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