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Glenda Caldwell

  • Deputy Director & Associate Director (Research Training)
  • Queensland University of Technology

Professor Glenda Amayo Caldwell is a Professor in Architecture at the Queensland University of Technology. Her research focuses on the effect technology has on the experience of the city, exploring how opportunities for social interaction can occur within the digital and physical layers of the urban environment. Of particular interest is research in the areas of Design Robotics, Media Architecture, Community Engagement, and Place-making.

Originally from the USA, Glenda completed a Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Michigan, Anne Arbor, MI in 2001. In 2005 She commenced her Masters in Architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-ARC) in Los Angeles where her interest in computational design and digital fabrication were initiated. Glenda finalised the Masters of Architecture degree at the Florida International University (FIU) in Miami in 2008. She completed her PhD on Media Architecture in 2016 at QUT.

Since 2009 Glenda has been teaching Architectural Design studios, Introduction to Visualisation, and Architectural History in the undergraduate and graduate courses at QUT in the School of Design. She is leader of the QUT Design Lab, Design for Communities and Resilient Futures  Program and an active researcher in the Urban Informatics Research group. Glenda is the co-director of the InstaBooth project. Since 2015 it has been deployed in over 12 locations throughout Southeast Queensland as an interactive community engagement tool with partners from Queensland government and community groups.

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