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Australian Welding Magazine features the Australian Cobotics Centre!

The Australian Cobotics Centre features in the latest edition of Australian Welding Magazine, the Official Journal of Weld Australia! 

Weld Australia are one of the Centre’s industry partners and represent the welding profession in Australia. Their primary goal is to ensure that the Australian welding industry remains both locally and globally competitive, both now and into the future. 

One of Weld Australia’s members, IR4, is also an industry partner. IR4 offer flexible automation solutions that seek to leverage industry 4.0 technology as well as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. The Centre’s research programs complement the work of IR4 by providing human intent considerations and the research and development experience required for capability advancement. CEO Geoff Crittenden notes that Weld Australia is able to offer practical solutions to industry that flow on from the work of the Centre. 

The article also features an interview with Australian Cobotics Centre Director, Jonathan Roberts, who highlights the holistic and multidisciplinary approach the Centre will take in addressing the technological advances and the human and design factors that need to be considered when implementing collaborative robotics.

Click below to read the full five page feature article titled ‘Australian Cobotics: Safer More Efficient, Globally Competitive, Manufacturing Industry’

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