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The Australian Cobotics Centre is officially in operation!

We are pleased to announce the Australian Cobotics Centre is officially in operation!

The Centre is funded for 5 years as part of the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Research Program scheme and is focused on collaborative robotics in advanced manufacturing.

Centre Director Professor Jonathan Roberts leads a multidisciplinary team of researchers from QUT (Queensland University of Technology)(where the Centre is headquartered), University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Swinburne University of Technology who will work in collaboration with industry partners (B&R EnclosuresCook MedicalWeld AustraliaInfraBuild, IR4, TU Dortmund University, ARM Hub (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing)).

The Centre aims to improve the collaborative robotics capability within Australian manufacturing by training the next generation of manufacturing leaders, researchers, and technicians with collaborative robotics expertise.

The research programs address both the technological advances and the human and design factors that need to be considered when implementing collaborative robotics. Through this research and its implementation, the Centre will support manufacturers in creating a digitally-capable workforce of the future and a safer, more efficient and globally competitive Australian manufacturing industry.

We are currently recruiting Postdoctoral Research Fellows and PhD students at all our partner universities and all research programs (including Industrial relations, robotics, design, and more).

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Congratulations to our Researchers for recent promotions!

Congratulations to the Australian Cobotics Centre Chief Investigators and Research Program Co-Leads Jared Donovan and Matthias Guertler on their recent promotions.

These promotions are an acknowledgement of both of their extensive contributions to their university’s educational, research and leadership goals. The Centre will benefit immensely from their expertise and leadership.

The Centre is incredibly lucky to have both of these researchers on board!

Associate Professor Jared Donovan
Dr Matthias Guertler