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The Australian “The rise of AI is shaking up the world of work”, Dr Penny Williams

Research Program Lead Dr Penny Williams featured in The Australian today in an article entitled, “The rise of AI is shaking up the world of work”, part of the Women in Education, Cutting Edge Careers special edition.

Penny talked about her research with the Australian Cobotics Centre and the opportunities available for women working with AI and robots in the future. “Women should consider courses that, in addition to giving them a trade or professional qualification, will help them develop digital skills, including basic coding. (They’ll also require) entrepreneurial thinking, strong communication and problem-solving skills, and the ability to collaborate with both humans and machines.”

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Weld Australia Magazine – Members survey

In early 2022, the Australian Cobotics Centre conducted a survey of Weld Australia members about their workforce and technology challenges. This feedback is crucial for us to understand how we can support the welding industry as it is a key driver and enabler of advanced manufacturing.
Tasks that Weld Australia members identified as potentially suitable for cobots included grinding, overhead welding, repetitive welding, and manual handling. The key challenge relating to the workforce was seen as labour shortages and skills shortages. A wide range of critical job roles were identified, with welding highlighted as the most critical. Other critical roles included managers, project managers, supervisors, trainers, and staff with knowledge of welding standards and health and safety standards.

For more information, see the June 2022 issue of Australian Welding: Australian Welding – June 2022 – Cobotics Centre V2