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Jasper Vermeulen

  • PhD Researcher
  • QUT

Jasper is a PhD researcher in Program 3 at the Australian Cobotics Centre. The aim of this Program and its included projects is to embed holistic design as a critical factor in creating seamless integration of humans and machines working together to improve human work conditions and environments, and increase effectiveness and efficiencies in production, as well as workforce acceptance. As Jasper is involved in Project 3.1, he is primarily concerned with examining critical human factors related to collaborative-robotic approaches to produce socio-technical designs that improve human work conditions.

Before starting with the ACC, Jasper completed his Master’s Degree in Media Studies with Cum Laude distinction from Erasmus University (Netherlands) in 2022. To extend this study period, Jasper pursued a Post-Master’s at Keio University (Japan) to examine emergent technologies in context. Jasper obtained a BSc Honours degree in Media and Communication at Erasmus University. He has been a teaching assistant for several years, engaging in novel educational and communication technologies courses.

Prior research Jasper has focused on user acceptance and user attitudes towards smart home technologies. At the ACC, he will continue his passion of bringing together humans and technologies in ways that are efficient, safe and, above all, very exciting.

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