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Munia Ahamed

  • PhD Researcher
  • University of Technology Sydney

Munia is a Ph.D. researcher in the Quality Assurance and Compliance research program at the Australian Cobotics Centre (Program 4). Munia will be working on research to embed Human Factors in COBOT Era to Support Quality Assurance and reliability. The aim of this is to present a simplified method for identifying an appropriate standard of risk assessment to support policy and program goals. Her study will provide a framework for identifying the human factors in collaborative manufacturing in terms of controls, performance, and assurance; assisting in the identification and interpretation of the appropriate KPIs to inform those deliberations; designing comprehensive reports; and considering cobot system data in a manner that can add value to business models that define the IR4.0 paradigm.

Prior to starting with the Australian Cobotics Centre, Munia completed her prior research in designing a human-robot collaborative working environment. She has worked as a data analyst for multinational corporations (MNCs), in finance, supply chain management, and in diversified manufacturing industries.

Her primary research areas are digital technology and human-robot collaboration, industry 4.0, industry 5.0, and sustainability. She has research publications in top-tier academic journals and has presented her research work at reputed international conferences.

Supervisor: Lee Clemon

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