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CONGRATULATIONS James – Confirmation of Candidature

POSTED: 25 Mar, 2024

We extend our congratulations to James Dwyer, our PhD researcher, for successfully completing his confirmation seminar on March 20th.

James’s thesis, titled “How Can We Design for Human-Robot Collaboration: the Need for a Human-Robot Collaboration Prototyping Toolkit,” is under the supervision of Jared DonovanMarkus RittenbruchStine Johansen and Rafael Gomez FDIA from QUT (Queensland University of Technology) and the review panel included Marianella Chamorro-Koc and Claire Brophy.

His project is dedicated to developing a human robot collaboration Prototyping Toolkit that integrates both physical and simulated robotic systems. This initiative aims to streamline the exploration, development, and testing of novel processes and work routines. Through a collaboration with industry partner Cook Medical, the research team will explore various prototyping techniques and utilise advanced technologies such as motion tracking, mixed-reality interfaces, and lightweight interactive components to safely explore new interaction concepts.

This innovative approach promises to equip designers, engineers, and end-users with the essential resources for enhancing future human-robot collaboration within the manufacturing landscape.

For more details about James’s project, please see: Project 2.2: Human Robotic Interaction prototyping toolkit » Australian Cobotics Centre | ARC funded ITTC for Collaborative Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing