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PhD research into process optimisation at B&R Enclosures

POSTED: 21 Nov, 2022

Associate PhD researcher, Ruba Al-zqebah from UTS, visited B & R Enclosures last week to conduct some observations as part of her research around process optimisation.

This project aims to create a digital model and simulate the process flow for a portion of the B&R Factory to find production improvements. This will support B&R’s ongoing efforts to identify and quantify delays and rework time costs on their high mix of products. The model and framework will support decision making in production planning and scheduling to achieve higher productivity.

Data will be collected on the facility layout and processing times through observation of production. A discrete event simulation will be constructed that matches the layout and processing for the collected data. The simulation model will then be used to optimise scheduling and layout for a wide variety of products and to virtually test improvement/change ideas.

In the long term, this work could be a guide for the future research in field of production planning and scheduling which can develop the traditional scheduling to the digital scheduling with faster and better quality.