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ARTICLE: 6 Reasons Why We Need a Prototyping Toolkit for Designing Human-Robot Collaboration

POSTED: 13 Jun, 2023

In this article, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Stine Johansen and PhD Researcher, James Dwyer highlight the pressing need for a #prototyping toolkit to support the design process of human-robot collaboration (HRC).

As robots become increasingly integrated into industry, companies are grappling with uncertainties surrounding their implementation and task allocation. Developing a prototyping toolkit is one way to address these challenges.

By involving manufacturers and end-users early in the design process, we can harness their domain knowledge and tacit expertise to create meaningful outcomes to transform the future of manufacturing.

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About the author

Melinda’s research interests focus on decent work, reward and recognition, and learning and development. Her approach combines public policy, employment relations and human resources management theory. She is the program leader of the Centre for Decent Work and Industry’s Sustainable Transitions ... more