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Industry 4.0 Awareness and Experience Workshop

In this article Jagannatha Pyaraka, a PhD Researcher at the Australian Cobotics Centre bridging the gap between industry professionals and the transformative potential of Industry 4.0 technologies.

Over the past few weeks, four workshops were organised at strategic locations to maximise outreach and impact. The workshops were held at the VGBO office in Bundoora, Holiday Inn Dandenong, Rydges Geelong, and Mercure Ballarat. These sessions aimed to raise awareness and provide hands-on experience with collaborative robots (cobots), a foundation of modern industrial automation and other Industry 4.0 technologies such as AR, VR and wearable sensors.

The workshops attracted operations managers, CEOs, CFOs, and other key decision-makers eager to understand the practical applications and benefits of cobots in their respective fields. Accompanied by my ACC colleague, Dr. Anushani Bibile, we used the easily portable and cost-effective UFactory xArm6 cobot to demonstrate cobotics functionality.


Industry 4.0 Awareness and Experience Workshop

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