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Empowering Robots with Continuous space and time representations

Associate Professor Teresa Vidal Calleja from the University of Technology Sydney presents a seminar on “Empowering Robots with Continuous Space and Time Representations.”

In this technical talk, Teresa discusses her work on localisation, mapping, and planning using continuous space and time representations. She covers continuous time representations for inertial measurements, which are part of localisation and mapping frameworks like LiDAR/Inertial Measurement Units (IN2LAAMA) and Event-camera/Inertial (IDOL). She also talks about recent works on continuous space representations, including probabilistic spatial and distance fields (Log-GPIS) for 3D reconstruction and planning.

Additionally, Teresa share works on continuous time and space representations for navigation in crowds, demonstrating the performance of these approaches with mobile robots, drones, and manipulators in various scenarios.

Key Topics:
* Continuous Time Representations for Inertial Measurements
* Continuous Space Representations: Log-GPIS for 3D Reconstruction and Planning
* Navigation in Crowded Environments with Continuous Time and Space Representations

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