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Quality Assurance and Compliance Program based at SUT

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Supervisor and Program co-leads:

  • Professor Sally McArthur (Supervisor and Program co-lead)
  • Dr Lee Clemon, UTS (Program co-lead)

Person Description


Program Overview

Many high value-add manufactured products are subject to regulatory constraints and oversight (e.g. medical devices, defence and aviation) and require a complete digital thread across the product lifecycle.

In the context of collaborative robotic applications, such a thread needs to contain a number of components:

  1. a specification of the desired information and intended assurance needs of the process
  2. a specification of the tasks and behaviours to be exhibited by both robot and human in a collaboration scenario,
  3. the ability to optimise and test such specifications before putting them into practice,
  4. the monitoring and documentation of accomplished tasks and behaviours and,
  5. the inspection of task outcomes.

This Program will develop tools for the specification, capturing, monitoring and evaluation of such a digital thread in human-robot and robot-human collaboration scenarios. This work is synergistic with other Programs and will develop skills and capacity within industry.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Conducting high-quality research relevant to the research program as part of project teams to meet goals timelines and deliverables.
  • Participating and contributing to ethical, high-quality, and innovative research through activities such as quality publications, industry and end-user presentations, or conference presentations.
  • Actively participating in strategic planning for Human-Robot Workforce research and development.
  • Maintaining complete and accurate research records, including written and verbal reports, documenting  details of IP, ethics approvals, publications, media mentions, and other key program metrics as required.
  • Leading and participating in high-performing multidisciplinary teams and assisting with the supervision of research students both undergraduate and postgraduate.
  • With support from the Program Leader, developing and maintaining strategic relationships and networks with a wide range of stakeholders including industry partners, partner institutions and internal QUT partners based in other faculties.
  • Liaising with collaborators and stakeholders; and generating, finalising and editing research reports, progress reports and project reports for collaborators.
  • Partaking in and encouraging HDRs to take part in the centre’s professional development program.
  • Implementing and administering University policy within the Faculty with respect to equitable access to education and workplace health and safety.


Manager Technical Industrial Engineer working and control robotics with monitoring system software and icon industry network connection on tablet. AI, Artificial Intelligence, Automation robot arm

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