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Special issue on human robot collaboration – Construction Robotics

PUBLICATION DATE: 1 January, 2023
PUBLICATION AUTHOR/S: Reinhardt, D and Caldwell, G

The fourth industrial revolution is defined by advancing robotics, increasing automation in manufacturing, ubiquitous computing, internet of things, and highly sophisticated telecommunication technologies. Industry 4.0 is a catalyst for the development of new business models and approaches which impact the industries of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). In response to severe global challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, climate crisis, and threats to peace, many countries and organisations are transitioning to Industry 5.0, where the focus shifts to creating automation for human-centric purposes.

With this shift there is increasing research on exploring, developing, and understanding the critical area of Human–Robot Collaboration necessary to achieve the complex shared tasks required for the construction of architectural designs. Collaborative robots (Cobots) which are typically lighter and smaller than industrial robots, are made to be more accessible for interactive use and programming, allowing for easier integration in agile applications for the field or on construction sites. To push scientific frontiers and open new pathways for knowledge exchange regarding human–robot collaboration, interdisciplinary expertise and innovation is required now more than ever.

Designing Socio-technical Robotic Systems
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