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Empowering People in Human-Robot Collaboration: Bringing Together and Synthesising Perspectives Workshop

PUBLICATION DATE: 11 November, 2022
PUBLICATION AUTHOR/S: Johansen, S, Senaratne, H, Burden, A, Howard, D, Caldwell, G, Donovan, J, Duenser, A, Guertler, M, Mcgrath, M, Paris, C, Rittenbruch, M, Roberts, J

The workshop brought together academic researchers and industry practitioners representing multiple disciplines of Human-Computer Interaction, Robotics and Engineering, Design and Architecture, Ethics, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Artificial Intelligence. They identified crucial future research directions for advancing HRC, and discussed emerging concepts and design decisions by incorporating these multidisciplinary perspectives.

Researchers were invited with a common interest in shaping the next-generation of human-robot collaboration and empowering humans in human-robot teams to submit contributions in the following areas: Formation, maintenance, loss (and repair) of trust, user modeling, interaction design for HRC, multimodal analytics, intention recognition and visualisation, ethical HRC, data privacy, safety, socio-technical implications, and design of evaluation metrics. The outcomes of the discussions benefited the nascent Australian cobotics community pursuing research in the field of human-robot collaboration.

Human-Robot-Interaction Designing Socio-technical Robotic Systems

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