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Guidelines for Safe Collaborative Robot Design and Implementation

PUBLICATION DATE: 12 December, 2022
PUBLICATION AUTHOR/S: Guertler M, Carmichael M, Paul G, Sick N, Tomidei L, Hernandez Moreno V, Wambsganss A, Amin M, Cockburn J, Frijat L, Hussain S

This document provides an overview of the comprehensive guidelines. It describes relevant definitions of working with collaborative robots, summarises important cobot-specific hazards and safety measures, and outlines the five design principles to create a cobot-safe workplace.

The Guidelines for Safe Collaborative Robot Design and Implementation are divided into six individual documents. The following list describes the intention and purpose of each of the documents:

  • The “Introduction” and “Cobot Safety Flyers” are designed to be informative introductory documents that assist in understanding how to use the guidelines. They also educate readers about the meaning and general safety aspects of human-cobot collaboration.
  • The “Guidance on Safe Human-Cobot Interaction” and “Designing a Safe Cobot Workplace” assist in the creative planning of an upcoming or amended workplace.
  • Finally, the “Cobot Workplace Safety Checklists” and “Cobot Work Health and Safety Risk Assessment” are analytical in nature to assess an existing (or a planned) workplace’s safety features.
Designing Socio-technical Robotic Systems
Project 3.2: Design Factors: Integrated design of Collaborative Robots, Products & Manufacturing Environments
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