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Advancing Manufacturing Case Studies

PUBLICATION AUTHOR/S: Williams, P, Hearn, G, Rodriguez, J

To inform a review of progress against the priority action areas (PAAs) outlined in Advancing Manufacturing Skills: A Skills, Training and Workforce Development Strategy for the Manufacturing Industry in Queensland, Jobs Queensland engaged Queensland University of Technology researchers from the newly established Australian Cobotics Centre (ACC) to conduct research on the progress against key PAAs and illustrate that progress with two case studies.

This report presents those two case studies and supporting data from a series of sector stakeholder consultations. The report illustrates the opportunities and challenges faced by manufacturing organisations in Queensland as they progress toward Industry 4.0. The case studies provide exemplars for addressing four key PAAs identified in the Advancing Manufacturing Skills Strategy (2018):

  • PAA 1: Positioning the manufacturing workforce as a key player in the journey towards Advanced Manufacturing
  • PAA 2: Strengthening the business capability of manufacturers
  • PAA 7: Building a highly skilled, adaptable and capable existing workforce
  • PAA 8: Increasing the diversity of the manufacturing workforce.
Human-Robot Workforce
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