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Project 5.2: Manufacturing Jobs of the Future

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Manufacturing Jobs of the Future

With an emphasis on the job (as opposed to the worker), this Project will investigate how jobs, and the tasks associated with those jobs, are re-designed following the implementation of collaborative robotics.

Adopting a multiple case study design, the Project will facilitate the identification of skills that are specific to the type of job or manufacturing process within and between different organisational contexts, thus distinguishing specialised from general advanced manufacturing skills for the future.

The project will further explore how collaborative robots might ultimately contribute to meaningful work, improve employee health and safety, or diversify the characteristics of workers able to undertake particular occupational tasks.

The findings will inform education providers to co-design and upgrade trades, qualifications and training frameworks for Australia’s manufacturing future, and will inform attraction and retention strategies for both partner organisations and the sector broadly.

Associated Researchers

Greg Hearn

Research Program Co-lead (Human-Robot Workforce program)
Queensland University of Technology
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Sean Gallagher

Chief Investigator
Swinburne University of Technology
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Melinda Laundon

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Human-Robot Workforce Program)
Queensland University of Technology
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Luca Casali

Associate Investigator
Queensland University of Technology
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