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Stephen Wan

  • Associate Investigator


Dr Stephen Wan is a computer scientist specialising in computational linguistics, an inter-disciplinary field that draws on both linguistics and computer science. His research employs natural language processing and text mining methods, in conjunction with machine learning, information retrieval and human computer interaction techniques.

With over 20 years of research experience, Dr Wan leads a team of software engineers and researchers to build information management systems for a variety of text data types. A common element in these systems is the need to extract actionable nuggets of information that will help with a user’s task. His team has developed systems used by both the government and private sector for areas such as business intelligence, social media monitoring, and information systems for scientific literature.

Currently, Dr Wan’s team is investigating research directions in natural language processing and information retrieval that supports research in other scholarly fields. The work, part of Data61’s “AI for Science” direction, currently spans multiple disciplines, including computational social science, mental health, precision health, ecology and conservation, and agronomics.

Press and Online Public Speaking:
* Jun. 2022: Panelist on 2022 Academy of the Social Sciences workshop’s Industry perspectives panel
Jul. 2020: Studiosity’s “Students First” Industry Symposium Invited Speaker
Jul. 2020: Australian Public Sector Innovation Month “Unlocking 20 years of trapped knowledge”
Feb. 2020: Studiosity partners with CSIRO’S Data61 to enhance the student experience with AI
Sep. 2019: Invited Speaker at ECML PKDD 2019 Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and User Modelling for Smart Cities “Building Social Media Analytics Applications: A Ten-Year Retrospective”
Jun. 2019: CSIRO SMEConnect Kickstart Case Study: “Accurait®: Lease management with AI efficiencies Accurait®: Lease management with AI efficiencies”
Jun. 2019: Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) 2019 NSW Merit Recipients for my Accurait team from CSIRO’s Data61 (research lead: Stephen Wan)
* [Aug. 2018: “LeaseInfo launches Australia’s first AI lease management platform” (AFR)] (
*Aug. 2018: “Artificial intelligence set to change lease management processes” (IT Wire)
Aug. 2018: “Release of innovative AI software set to revolutionise lease management”
Aug. 2018: “LeaseInfo launches digital lease management platform Accurait”
Aug. 2018: Speech by Stephen Wan at the Accurait launch as lead researcher
* [Nov. 2017: “SOCIAL MEDIA ARCHIVE: Collecting digital material to provide a documentary record of life in New South Wales”] (
*[Oct. 2017: “The Power of Emotional Analysis: Introducing Signal Spotlight”] (
Jan. 2015: “Sydney siege aftermath: History written in tweets captured by State Library for posterity”
Mar. 2015: “The election collection: tracking trends on Twitter”
Apr. 2015: “Case study: Connecting with users on social media”
Jul. 2015: “CSIROSeven: Meet Stephen”

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