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Dr Tatheer Zahra

  • Associate Investigator
  • Queensland University of Technology

Dr Tatheer Zahra’s research is inspired by energy absorbing memory foams used in shoes, replicating these to develop sustainable 3D printed reinforcement for application in civil structures, and protecting them from collisions and impact. Her experimental research on small-scale designed geometries has already proven to enhance impact resistance, results highlighted in the World Economic Forum and receiving worldwide interest. Dr Zahra’s ambitious research agenda is to use these sustainable materials at large-scale and replace conventional carbon intensive materials in the construction industry.

Tatheer is also investigating the performance of various kind of masonries such as interlocking mortarless masonry, brick masonry and reinforced concrete masonry. Her experimental and numerical studies have shown that masonry has potential as an environmentally friendly construction materials with less wastage and quicker construction time. She is a member of Standards Australia BD-004 Committee to outline the design guidelines for masonry.

She teaches civil engineering materials and design of concrete and masonry structures to the undergraduates at QUT. She has been lecturing different civil engineering units across various national and international universities for about 14 years with outstanding student feedback. Tatheer is passionate about her teaching with maximised students learning experience and engagement. She enthuses in-class and online students for learning by challenging them to understand new and difficult topics using case studies and authentic examples. Tatheer received Vice Chancellor’s and faculty’s award for student learning excellence for her positive student engagement and learning experiences in 2021.

Research areas: Within the broad field of structural engineering research, Tatheer has focused on the following areas:

  • Structural behaviour of Mortarless masonry
  • Assessment of ancient masonry arch bridges
  • Reinforced masonry and concrete
  • Auxetic materials and composites for structural protective application

Her research entails experimental tests, field investigations, computer modelling and simulations.

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