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ARTICLE: The Human Robot Workforce research program

POSTED: 24 May, 2023

To implement #collaborativerobotics effectively in #advancedmanufacturing, we must address the both the technological advancements required and the human and design factors that are associated with technological change. These areas form the focus of our research programs, each comprising several PhD projects that explore specific research questions.

Our Human Robot Workforce program is the first of our research programs where all of its PhD researchers have begun their projects. Today, we are delving a little deeper into the program and share the objectives of each project within it.

Program Leads: Dr Penny Williams & Prof greg hearn
Program Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Dr Melinda Laundon
PhD researchers: Jacqueline GreentreeNisar Ahmed ChannaAkash HettiarachchiPhuong Anh Tran
Other Chief Investigators involved: Dr Sean Gallagher
Associate Investigators Dr Claire Mason & Dr Luca Casali

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