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Teresa Vidal-Calleja – 2022 Women in Robotics you need to know about

POSTED: 09 Oct, 2022

Congratulations to our Research Program co-Lead, Teresa Vidal Calleja who has been named as one of 2022’s Women in Robotics You Need to Know About.

Teresa leads the Biomimic Cobots program in the Centre with Mats Isaksson. The goal of the program is to allow collaborative robots to mimic humans in acquiring perception and awareness, learning, adaptation, and manipulation skills.

The 2022 list, produced by Women in Robotics, covers the globe, with the chosen ones having nationalities from the EU, UK, USA, Australia, China, Turkey, India and Kenya. A number of women come from influential companies that are household names such as NASA, ABB, GE, Toyota and the Wall Street Journal.

As the number of women on the list grows so does the combined global impact of their efforts, increasing the visibility of women in the field who may otherwise go unrecognised. This list is published to overcome the unconscious perception that women aren’t making significant contributions.

Check out the full list here: