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OzCHI Workshop 2023

POSTED: 01 Dec, 2023

As part of 2023 OzCHI conference held in New Zealand from 1-6th December, our researchers along with those from CSIRO, conducted a workshop on “Empowering People in Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) Why, How, When, and for Whom”. This is the second year this workshop has run and this year it was hybrid.

During the workshop, there were over 17 attendees with a program that included:

A summary of this workshop will be available here:

The workshop organisers included: Stine S. Johansen, ACC; Hashini Senaratne, CSIRO; Alan Burden, ACC; Melanie McGrath,CSIRO; Claire Mason, CSIRO; Glenda Caldwell, ACC; Jared Donovan, ACC; Andreas Duenser, CSIRO; Matthias Guertler, ACC; David Howard, CSIRO; Yanran Jiang, CSIRO; Cecile Paris, CSIRO; Markus Rittenbruch, ACC; Jonathan Roberts, ACC.