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New PhD Researcher, Zongyuan Zhang

POSTED: 04 Mar, 2024

We are pleased to welcome Zongyuan Zhang, our newest team member. Zongyuan is a PhD researcher at QUT (Queensland University of Technology), supervised by Jonathan Roberts, and will be actively involved in the Biomimic Cobots program as the lead researcher on Project 1.1: Cobot contact tasks through multi-sensory deep learning.

Zongyuan’s research interests centre around the application of deep learning in the field of robotics and the study of motion theories of robots with different configurations. He has experience in control system design and mechanical structure design, and has participated in projects including underwater photography robot, driverless racing car, exoskeleton mechanical arm, dual-rotor aircraft, and remote-control robotics arm, some of which are currently undergoing commercialisation.

???? We look forward to hearing more as Zongyuan’s project progresses!

Welcome Zongyuan!