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New PhD Researcher, James Dwyer

POSTED: 23 Feb, 2023

Welcome to our newest PhD Researcher, James Dwyer based at QUT (Queensland University of Technology)! James is joining our Human Robot Interaction program and is supervised by Jared Donovan. His PhD project is entitled: “Human Robotic Interaction prototyping toolkit”.

Interaction Design relies on prototyping methods to help envisage future design concepts and elicit feedback from potential users. A key challenge the design of human-robot interaction (HRI) with collaborative robots is the current lack of prototyping tools, techniques, and materials. Without good prototyping tools, it is difficult to move beyond existing solutions and develop new ways of interacting with robots that make them more accessible and easier for people to use.

This Project will develop a robot collaboration prototyping toolkit that combines physical and simulated robotic systems to explore, develop and test new processes and work routines. The project will enable designers, engineers, and end-users to work together to improve the future of human-robotic interaction.

Read more about the program.