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New PhD Researcher – Fikre Gebremeskel

POSTED: 01 Feb, 2023

Welcome to our newest PhD Researcher, Fikre Gebremeskel based at UTS Tech Lab!

Fikre is joining our Designing Socio-Technical Robotic Systems program and is supervised by Matthias Guertler.

His PhD project is entitled: “Design Factors: Integrated Design of Collaborative Robots, Products, and Manufacturing Environment.”

The ultimate goal of this PhD project is to support companies in implementing collaborative robots (cobots). A key focus is on exploring socio-technical interdependencies between cobot, products to be manipulated, and the manufacturing workplaces. This will help to identify how products and workplaces affect the choice and design of a cobot, and how those need to be adjusted to best accommodate the new cobot.

We look forward to sharing the progress of Fikre’s research!

Read more about the program.