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‘Human-Computer Interaction’ OzCHI workshop

POSTED: 29 Nov, 2022

Australian Cobotics Centre and CSIRO’s Data61 researchers ran a workshop at OzCHI on 29th November. The workshop, held at The Australian National University in Canberra was attended by 19 people from across Australia.

Entitled, “Empowering People in Human-Robot Collaboration: Bringing Together and Synthesising Perspectives”, the workshop brought together academic researchers and industry practitioners representing multiple disciplines of Human-Computer Interaction, Robotics and Engineering, Design and Architecture, Ethics, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Artificial Intelligence. They aimed to identify crucial future research directions for advancing HRC, and discuss emerging concepts and design decisions by incorporating these multidisciplinary perspectives.

OzCHI is the annual non-profit conference for the Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group (CHISIG) and Australia’s leading forum for the latest in HCI research and practice.