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Connect & Share event

POSTED: 27 Nov, 2023

Last night we held the second PhD Connect and Share event at University of Technology Sydney.

We were joined by other Sydney-based ARC funded Training Centres and Hubs (ARC FAAB and ARC Hub for Nutrients in a Circular Economy).

The evening was facilitated by Australian Cobotics Centre (ACC) Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr Melinda Laundon and included talks from:

  • Professor HK Shon, Director of Nutrients in a Circular Economy from University of Technology Sydney
  • Dr Marc Carmichael, ACC Chief Investigator from UTS Robotics Institute
  • Mohadeseh Montazeri, PhD researcher from ARC FAAB based at Macquarie University
  • Jimit Panchal, Master of Research student from ARC FAAB based at Macquarie University

With over 50 PhD and Postdoctoral researchers in attendance, our speakers shared their experience and gave great advice for our students who are all working with industry as part of the PhD. Key takeaways:

  • Be clear about what you can achieve
  • Get involved in different activities and find common ground to build relationships initially.
  • Be open to feedback and input from all over the business
  • Be open to exploring the many different project ideas that come your way. Some of the more obscure projects can end up leading to helpful future connections and provide momentum in your research career.

Thank you to everyone who came along and to our fantastic speakers! We look forward to hosting more of these events throughout 2024!