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Congratulations Dr Stine Johansen on her ECR Grant

POSTED: 27 Oct, 2023

Congratulations to our postdoc, Dr Stine Johansen on her ECR Grant from the QUT Centre for Robotics!

QUT Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr Stine Johansen has been awarded a $20,000 ECR grant from the QUT Centre for Robotics for her Robotics blended sonification project. This project intends to design and evaluate a robotic blended sonification system. The system will enable operators to collaborate with a collaborative robot arm without relying on visual feedback but instead using sound as a feedback modality.

Project 2: Robotic Blended Sonification
Chief Investigator: Dr. Stine Johansen
Abstract: This project introduces a revolutionary approach to human-robot collaboration through sound. Instead of relying on visual feedback, the project focuses on capturing and modifying the sounds robots naturally produce. By processing these sounds based on contextual information, the system aims to reduce the cognitive load of operators and enhance their ability to oversee multiple robots effectively. This innovative approach taps into tacit knowledge and aims to create a prototype for further research and development.

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