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Human Robot Interaction at the Centre for Biomedical Technologies 2021 conference

POSTED: 12 Nov, 2021

Centre Director, Jonathan Roberts  was joined by Human-Robot-Interaction Program co-lead, Jared Donovan and industry partner, Cook Medical‘s Alex Buddery at the 2021 Centre for Biomedical Technologies conference.

Although the conferenced was focused on the biomedical technologies Jon highlighted that the aim of the Centre is for the outcomes to be translated to different manufacturing industries.  The focus of cobotics is not to replace the human worker but to create a safer environment, the ability to work longer and an opportunity to increase skills.

Associate Professor Jared Donovan presented on the importance of considering the design and human interaction when creating robotic systems.

Continuous Innovation Manager at Cook Medical talked about the challenges that could not be addressed by fully automated solutions and highlighted the importance of their staff and where cobotics could assist.