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ACRA 2022 Papers and Award Winners!

POSTED: 08 Dec, 2022

Australian Cobotics Centre researchers presented a number of papers and won a number of awards at the recent 2022 ACRA conference.

The Centre had three papers accepted at the conference:

  • “Beyond Pure Technology – The Cognitive and Organisational Impacts of Cobots”, presented by Dr Matthias Guertler. Authors: Laura Tomidei, Nathalie Sick, and Matthias Guertler (University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)); Leila Frijat (Centre for Inclusive Design); Marc Carmichael, Gavin Paul, Annika Wambsganss, and Victor Hernandez Moreno (University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)); and Sazzad Hussain (Centre for Work Health and Safety NSW)
  • “Cobots” and manufacturing: A bibliometric study”, presented by Professor Greg Hearn. Authors: Greg Hearn (QUT/ACC, ARM Hub); Gian Luca Casali (QUT Business School); and Nisar Ahmed Channa (Sukkur IBA University)
  • “A Novel Passive Grasping Robot Control Framework Towards Vision-Based Industrial Steel Bar Conveyor Removal”, presented by Dr Dasun Gunasinghe. Authors: Dasun Gunasinghe, Gavin Suddrey, Riki Lamont, and James Mount (Queensland University of Technology (QUT)); Fouad Sukkar and Teresa Vidal-Calleja (University of Technology Sydney); and Jonathan Roberts (Queensland University of Technology (QUT))
  • “Surface Roughness Measurement of Random Shape Workpieces Using Machine Learning with Computer Vision During Robot Grinding Enabling Full Automation”, presented by Professor Jonthan Roberts. Authors: Jing Peng, Jared Donovan, Glenda Caldwell, Peter Corke, and Jonathan Roberts (Queensland University of Technology (QUT))

The conference includes a gala dinner and Dr Dasun Gunasinghe accepted the ‘Best paper’ award for the paper related to the Shorts project with InfraBuild. Congratulations to all who had a paper accepted and those who won awards.