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2022 Australasian Conference for Robotics & Automation

POSTED: 07 Dec, 2022

The Australian Cobotics Centre hosted the 2022 Australasian Conference for Robotics & Automation (ACRA) from 6-8th December.

Held at QUT’s Gardens Point campus, the conference featured keynote talks from:

  • Fabio Ramos (NVIDIA). Principal Research Scientist, and Professor of Robotics and Machine Learning.
  • Dagmar Reinhardt (University of Sydney). Practising architect, robotics researcher and educator.
  • Gosselin Clément (Laval University). Canada Research Chair in Robotics and Mechatronics.

The conference also included talks on many areas of Robotics and Automation, including:

  • field robotics
  • robotic vision
  • cobotics & industrial applications
  • sensors and actuators
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • and more..

The conference sponsors (Omron, SICK Pty Ltd, Marathon, Emesent and Crown Equipment) also gave industry talks, had display booths and representatives in attendance at the conference.

More information is here: ACRA 2022 – ARAA