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Human-Robot-Workforce Program based at QUT

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Supervisor and Program co-leads:

Person Description

PD for Program 5 – Human-Robot Workforce

Program Overview

The contemporary workforce can be characterised as male, low-to-medium skilled and ageing, with a shortage of available workers. On-the-job coordination between robots and human workers have provided partial solutions to challenges across the sector. However, deployment of collaborative robots demands new and higher order skills, new managerial capabilities and a more diverse workforce profile.

The projects aim to answer research questions associated with: future skills and training needsdesign and safety of jobs of the future; managing workplace readiness for the successful implementation of collaborative robotics; and the benefits of greater workforce diversity and longevity.

The Projects will be conducted within and between organisational partners and job categories. The findings will thus address emerging issues at the job, organisation and industry levels and be transferable across the manufacturing sector.

Key responsibilities include:
  • Conducting high-quality research relevant to the research program as part of project teams to meet goals timelines and deliverables.
  • Participating and contributing to ethical, high-quality, and innovative research through activities such as quality publications, industry and end-user presentations, or conference presentations.
  • Actively participating in strategic planning for Human-Robot Workforce research and development.
  • Maintaining complete and accurate research records, including written and verbal reports, documenting  details of IP, ethics approvals, publications, media mentions, and other key program metrics as required.
  • Leading and participating in high-performing multidisciplinary teams and assisting with the supervision of research students both undergraduate and postgraduate.
  • With support from the Program Leader, developing and maintaining strategic relationships and networks with a wide range of stakeholders including industry partners, partner institutions and internal QUT partners based in other faculties.
  • Liaising with collaborators and stakeholders; and generating, finalising and editing research reports, progress reports and project reports for collaborators.
  • Partaking in and encouraging HDRs to take part in the centre’s professional development program.
  • Implementing and administering University policy within the Faculty with respect to equitable access to education and workplace health and safety.