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Seminar Series: Complexity of Manufacturing Workforce Diversity

WHEN: 20 Jun


The Australian government has indicated the importance of increasing the size and skill level of the manufacturing workforce. It is well known that the Australian manufacturing workforce is dominated by men and older workers and has higher than average proportions of migrant workers and workers with lower levels of qualifications. However, Industry 4.0 is transforming manufacturing workforce competencies, with higher levels of digital and technological skills required. It is important to understand the diversity composition not only of the overall workforce but at a deeper level, subsectors including food product manufacturing, wood product manufacturing, and fabricated metal product manufacturing, which have different diversity features. This presentation will provide overall diversity composition and an in-depth analysis of the sub-sectors to identify the opportunities to improve diversity strategies and increase the size and suitability of the future manufacturing workforce.


Akash Hettiarachchi, PhD Researcher – Human-Robot Workforce