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Seminar Series: A Postphenomenological Perspective on Robotics – And Why We Should Care

WHEN: 23 Nov


Join Postdoctoral research Fellow, Stine Johansen for an engaging seminar on ways that technology shapes people’s relationships with the world, proposing that when we design interactions with technology, we also design people.

She will put into practical terms how this is relevant in the area of robotics, including how our worldview sets us up for certain research programs. This will segue the talk into the second part where she will outline findings from a recent literature review. The literature review investigates ways that the area of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) has studied human-robot collaboration. Based on the literature review findings and the perspectives we can gain from a post-phenomenological worldview, Stine will also describe future research opportunities for ways to design and study human-robot relationships.