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Participatory Design & Co-Design in Manufacturing seminar

WHEN: 17 Mar

WHERE: Online event

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Learn about over the history and the core principles of Participatory Design in particular industrial settings.

Lots can go wrong when introducing new technologies into the workplace. Shiny solutions end up sitting idle. Existing workflows are negatively impacted. Worker engagement and trust is damaged. The root cause of these problems is often a failure to understand the needs of end users in the design process. Participatory design is one way to address this problem. Participatory Design provides a suite of well-established methods that enable end-users to directly contribute to the process of developing new technologies. Combining the technical expertise of system developers with the domain expertise of users helps ensure that innovative technical systems are useable and are what people need.

In this talk Associate Professor Jared Donovan and Associate Professor Markus Rittenbruch will provide an overview over the history and core principles of Participatory Design in particular in industrial settings. Collaborative robots are a new technology that support closely coupled work between a robotic systems and human workers. The design and adoption of these technologies poses sociotechnical challenges and raises question about how participatory design can support the design of complex technologies in manufacturing. They draw on their experiences with design-oriented perspectives on robotics and give practical examples of how to engage various stakeholders in the design process.

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Associate Professor Jared Donovan & Associate Professor Markus Rittenbruch, Human Robot Interaction program co-leads

Associate Professor Markus Rittenbruch
Markus Rittenbruch
Associate Professor Jared Donovan
Jared Donovan