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‘Immersive Digital Twins for Designing Cobot Systems’ Seminar

WHEN: 24 Nov


Digital twins are virtual representations of the real world, including objects. Digital twin technology has evolved to a point where it is possible to recreate 3D immersive digital spaces of factories, buildings, and machinery. It allows full-scale prototypes of any scenario. When partnered with the tools of immersive technologies – collectively known as extended reality (XR) – workflows of digital creation in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) allow prototyping to provide a multi-sensory spatial interaction in digital space.

Immersive digital twins could be the next step in creating 3D and highly accurate representations of products and solutions that would otherwise be extremely expensive and risky to develop and test. These technologies present an exciting possibility of creating prototypes or mock-ups of technology and other systems, such as collaborative robots. In the future, all our innovation could start with a digital twin, AI, and the extended reality landscape.

In the presentation, Dr Burden outlined some components and workflows for creating immersive digital twins, including head-mounted XR devices and the versatility of using game engines.

The first translation project developed by ACC Program 3 in partnership with B&R Enclosures is also presented. The project highlights an experimental workflow to quickly capture workspaces for digital twin creation and journey mapping worker tasks via human-centred research to identify opportunities and pain points for experimental cobot system design.

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Dr Alan Burden, QUT
A/Prof Glenda Caldwell, QUT
Dr Matthias Guertler, UTS